Meet the co-author's behind the new enchanting girl's series, "Golpher and the Girl" that swings straight into your heart! Morgan and Candice discovered a magical connection beyond birdies and bogeys. It was a bond fueled by their shared passion for golf, hard work, and a deep appreciation for sharing life stories. For these two, entrepreneurship wasn't just about scoring eagles; it was about weaving dreams with threads of persistence, patience, and partnerships. And so, they created a whimsical tale, empowering girls to take a first swing at golf and life. They hope to share a world where friendship, fun, and fairways always lead the way. So join Morgan and Candice on a putt-tastic adventure through the pages of their stories, where fairytale forests double as golf courses, and where every swing is a lesson in growth and determination. Get ready for a hole-in-one journey that's bound to capture your heart and your child's imagination!


Dhidit Prayoga is a young and vibrant artist hailing from Pekanbaru, Indonesia. With a lifelong passion for creativity ignited during his elementary years and inspired by the beloved cartoon series Doraemon, Dhidit's artistic journey led him through a vocational school specializing in animation and onwards to his current studies at Padang State University. As a dedicated children's story illustrator, Dhidit's visual storytelling prowess comes alive through his enchanting artwork, adding an extra layer of magic to every tale he touches, captivating the hearts and minds of readers young and old alike.